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Latest Releases

    - none
    - cs-ircd-0.1.1

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features already added:
  1. You can now decide whether or not you want to have the /DCCALLOW command from the initial configuration script.
  2. You can now specify your network name in the config instead of hacking src/s_err.c
  3. IPv6 and SSL support
  4. Channel mode +O for opers only
  5. Channel mode +R to allow only registered users to join
  6. SOCKS/Proxy scanning on connect

features in the works:
  1. Channel Half-Ops (+h) support
  2. Host-hiding for users (+x)
  3. Enhanced IRC operator privileges (banwalk, etc.)
  4. Multiple IRC operator levels

If you have any other features in mind that you would like to see added, please send e-mail to our mailing list:  cs-ircd at chatsages dot com -- Thanks!

[nemesis] [12/13/2002]